Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Dr. Steven Meier
Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC)

In the bone marrow, there are a diverse group of progenitor cells that promote healing in our body. It also contains medicinal signaling cells (MSCs) and growth factors necessary for tissue repair as well as plasma proteins which help with homeostasis throughout different parts of your system.

BMAC can be extracted using only minimally invasive techniques like aspiration or drilling into small joints where it will then be injected into diseased regions or damaged areas; this speeds up recovery time.

The body’s inherent “biological intelligence” is used in this cellular therapy, which aims to improve the local biochemical environment while also having beneficial effects that can last for years after treatment.

Since BMAC is derived from components naturally produced by the body, it is very safe, well tolerated, and free of any significant side effects.This is readily performed under local anesthetic.

How It Works

BMAC is taken from the same patient who will receive treatment by means of a minimally invasive bone marrow aspiration procedure usually performed swiftly under local anesthesia.

After collection, BMAC is precisely injected into the injured or affected body part through an image-guided procedure. This then kicks off the body’s natural healing response and homeostasis.

Benefits of BMAC

Promotes faster healing and recovery

Injections of BMAC into damaged ligaments prove to promote healing and allow patients with major injuries to return to high-level activities faster than those who did not receive BMAC injections.

Natural and safe

Since BMAC is generated by the patient's own body, it is exceedingly safe and well tolerated.

Minimally invasive

Both extraction and injection of BMAC are typically fast procedures that don't require extensive processes or surgical procedures.

No significant risks and complications

BMAC is completely safe and free of any major side effects since it's produced by the patient's own body.

Long lasting results

BMAC's long-term benefits may last for several years after the therapy.

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